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Scribble 2 Script- Scottsdale

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Scribble 2 Script

9151 E. Bell Road, Suite 103

Scottsdale, AZ 85255




Legible handwriting is one of the most vital tools to communication and academic success.  With the proper instruction in handwriting and fine motor skills, your child will be more confident and eager to learn.  Scribble 2 Script aims at building a solid foundation of hand skills.  They have developed a unique program that helps children of all ages become more confident with their handwriting. 


Scribble 2 Script offers developmental programs, small group classes, camps, and private tutoring.  Through the help of music, art, games, and manipulatives, Scribble 2 Script helps strengthen hands and refine hand skills.  During classroom time, children will learn to print or use cursive neatly in a fun and relaxing environment.  Not only do the children have fun while they are learning, they are increasing their confidence which will help prepare them for academic success.


Scribble 2 Scripts fundamental small group classes and tutoring begin with an in-depth functional skills assessment that is administered by a licensed Occupational Therapist.  This test identifies each child’s strengths and weaknesses which ensures that each child will receive personalized instruction that is designed specifically for them.  Once in the program each child receives individual attention from an Occupational Therapist as wells as trained instructors in a small group setting.


Contact Scribble 2 Script to start building your child’s confidence.  Check out www.scribble2script.com for more information about the unique services offered.