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McDowell Mountain Ranch Neighborhood Advertising Information

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Advertising Information

Interested in advertising on one of the best websites for McDowell Mountain Ranch? 

You are not alone… To help understand our advertising policies, please read the following information:  

The purpose of most advertising is to create additional revenues for your business.  There have been many studies that illustrate that businesses generate most of their revenue from sources that are within 10 minutes of their business establishment.  Our neighborhood websites are designed to be used by the residents around your business, thus this creates a direct marketing vehicle to target market your natural customers.

We are advertising to the neighborhoods and directing traffic to the websites.  Our interactive websites create an environment that keeps the residents coming back on a regular basis, thus your advertising message is getting 24/7/365 exposure.  This is much better shelf life that postcards, coupon mailers, newspaper ads or magazine ads.  Plus this is marketing to your natural customer, which is within 10 minutes of your establishment.

With this in mind, we have created 3 different advertising programs for our neighborhood websites.  Each program offers a different level of exposure for your marketing campaign and budget. 

Tier 1
Includes a listing in our yellow page section which includes your address, phone numbers, a brief description of your business, links to your existing website, and ability to add coupons. 

Tier 2
Includes everything from Tier 1 plus the ability to have an exclusive listing (if available), a listing within the business page section of the website, your logo at the bottom of every page of the website (on a rotating basis) with a direct link to your website.  Your business will also be advertised with our automatic website digest that goes to registered residents weekly. 

Tier 3

Includes everything from Tier 2 plus we create a customized web page for your business on the neighborhood website.  The web page may contain banners, pictures, links, coupons, and a wide assortment of information about your business.  Our marketing team will create a web page that showcases your business and your services.

Other ways we all benefit from advertising with MMRTrailTalk.com is that we all network to improve each others business.  To help promote your business on the website, all businesses are asked to help promote the website.  This creates a win-win for all advertisers.  Promotion of the website is done by placing flyers that we supply on your countertop (if appropriate), providing reciprocal links from your website to our neighborhood website, and other means that vary from business to business. 

Thank you for your time and interest.  Some listings are exclusive, as we will only be authorizing one business for certain categories.  If you are interested, please contact your sales rep as soon as possible at 480-225-1004 or email us at Jim@AGHomes.com

Additional Information:
www.MMRTrailTalk.com  website is being advertised through the community via local businesses, flyers, search engine optimization, pay-per-click  and magazine advertising.  McDowell Mountain Ranch area comprises over 4000 homes with an average home value over $550,000.  There is an average of over 40 home sales per month, thus creating a constant influx of new residents looking for services.

Advertising s
pace is now available.  The costs associated with advertising depend on the plan purchased.  There are many costs involved with the intitial set-up and maintenance of the website, thus there is a small set-up fee and a small ongoing monthly fee for advertisers. 

Please contact us via email or call us direct for pricing information.

To reserve your space or to get more information, contact us at:

Contact Us. 

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!