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Control Bugs & Insects Naturally

As summer heats up, we try to spend as much time outside enjoying the backyard. There are things working against us, to spoil the enjoyment; bugs and insects that are most commonly referred to as pests. There could not be a more perfect word for something than PEST.

The mosquito is the most common of the target enemy. With all the publicity about the West Nile Virus adding fuel to the fire, people are seeking effective mosquito repellents.

The best way to deal with pests, and namely mosquitoes, is a multiple defense approach. There are several things that are now available that help combat these pests.

Grounds Keeping

Making sure the yard is not promoting an environment for pests. Make sure there is not a hospitable environment for mosquitoes and other pests to breed. Pools of standing, stagnant water are the incubators for the mosquito, so anything that can be done to eliminate puddles is helpful.

Keeping the lawn trimmed is also very important. Not only does the lawn look more manicured, but pests love an unkempt lawn. Pests prefer humid, shady areas and tend to be found in or beneath shrubs, trees, tall grasses and weedy areas. The longer grasses and weeds provide them a nice shady place to rest during the extremely hot times of the day.

Landscaping Options

There are several plants that are known to confuse or repel mosquitoes and other pests, and they happen to be lovely additions.

Citronella isn’t just an ingredient in commonly found pest repellants; it is also a grassy plant. The oils from the plant produce a strong aroma that masks the smells that attracts the mosquito to you, making it hard to find you. The plant is actually more effective than the “scented” candles and torches because the plant produces a stronger aroma.

Make sure when you look to purchase real Citronella plants that you are not buying the Citronella-like variety by mistake

Horsemint or Beebalm is also an option that works exactly like Citronella plants, but is a more bushy variety with flowers. The flowers actually attract butterflies and bees.

There are three other plants that work slightly different than the two scent maskers. These plants emit scents that mosquitoes find offensive and are repelled by them.

Marigolds are a very hardy annual plant with orange and yellow flowers. They make a fantastic border plant for flower beds and around a patio.

Ageratum is also another annual plant that repels pests. The Ageratum comes in a variety of colors; blue, pink, white and violet.

Catnip is the perennial representative in the mosquito repellents. This is a great plant to think about for the non-cat owners to consider.

Natural Repellent Products

There have been an explosion of products that are touting “Natural Insect Repellent” over the past few years. The combination of awareness of insect borne disease and the desire to use more natural products has spurred growth.

The natural repellents used are known essential oils that have been determined as effective at repelling and recognized as safe by the EPA. These products use oils like cinnamon oil, cedar wood oil, clove oil, and vanillin. Companies have developed yard sprays that use these oils as their active insect repellant. They have been found to be effective at repelling black flies and mosquitoes for a week per application. The natural botanical formulas are much more yard-friendly because they do not use harmful chemicals like pyrethrins. Spray the entire yard with the natural repellents, and make sure to spray the wooded areas and shrubs around the parameter. Repeat this every week for summer long protection.

An added benefit to pet owners is that these natural botanicals are also extremely effective preventing fleas and ticks in pets. Many companies have sprays for direct application to pet coats, making your beloved dog a walking insect repellent machine.

If all else fails, soothe the itching of annoying insect bites with calamine lotion; essential oils such as lavender, thyme, sage or tea tree oil.

Reprinted from Backyard Times, Summer 2013



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