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McDowell Mountain Ranch

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Mountain Hiking 

McDowell Mountain Regional Park offers over 40 miles of hiking, mountain biking, and

horse back riding trails. Park Trails range in length from 0.5 - 15.3 miles.



Just a reminder

Thinking about adding a storage shed? How about a paved walkway in your rear yard? Maybe even some new landscape plants and boulders? Did you know that per the CC&R’s any modification, addition, or visible change (except the repaint of your home with preapproved colors) to a site or building exterior of a residential property requires written approval from the Design Review Committee? The process to submit is fairly simple: just fill out the Architectural Submittal Form (located online), include a plat map, plans and photos of the proposed work and submit to Taylor Gorman, Community Standards Administrator either via email at tgorman@aamaz.com or drop off at the McDowell Center. Taylor will receive the applica­tions and put them on the agenda for the upcoming DRC meeting for review and consider of approval. Feel free to contact Taylor with any questions regarding the Architectural Approval Process.

Please keep in mind of the bulk trash pick up dates. Bulk trash may only be placed out on your property 9 days before the next regularly scheduled pick up and any remaining landscape debris must be cleaned up after the trash has been removed. Bulk trash may NOT be placed in the common areas so please pay attention to property ownership when placing bulk trash out. The bulk trash days are  February 1st, February 29th, March 28th, April 25th, May 23rd, June 20th, July 25th, August 22nd, September 26th, October 24th, November 28th, and December 26th 2017. City of Scottsdale Solid Waste is located at 9191 E San Salvador Dr Scottsdale, AZ 85258 and can be reach at (480)312-5600 for any question.

It has been brought to the Associations attention over the past few weeks that private trash cans are being used to dump landscape debris and trash from other residents and/or their contractors. Please use your own trash can for waste materials and remind your contractors to dispose of the trash/landscape debris responsibly.

As always we appreciate your efforts to keep the community beautiful.

Bulk Trash Pick-Up Dates
Bulk Pick-Up Guidelines




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This website offers a private secure area that residents can discuss various issues and get additional information about the Ranch. Remember, this website is a forum to share memories and offer services. As with any online forum, please be prudent when discussing items or sharing information.

We are always interested in bringing additional services to the Ranch. If you have suggestions about the website or want to help add information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also interested in sponsors that can offer our residents value. If you own or manage a business that has services to offer the residents, please do not hesitate to contact us about sponsorship opportunities.

Remember that the more you use the website, the better it will be. Have fun exploring the different areas. Tell your neighbors and friends about the site. Start a discussion or share photos. Hire a babysitter or save money with a vendors coupon and tell them you saw it on www.MMRTrailtalk.com!

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