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Consulting Work

~Personal Trainer at Lifetime Fitness
Tempe AZ , 2007-2008
~Nicole L. Scott Fitness Consulting,
Small Business - Since 2008
Nicole has assisted in the program development for
a wide range of clientele.

Clientele including (but not limited to) the following:

Overweight / Obese
Pregnant Women
Women with Cancer (Breast Cancer)
Professional Middle Age and Mature Adults
Young Adult & College Students
Teenage / High school
Athletic (College, High School, Professional, Recreational)

Fitness Consultant
Nicole Lee Scott

Enhance your physical well-being with an in-home physical fitness program that is tailored to meet your needs.  In depth health history consultation required.  What are your fitness goals, dreams, or desires?  Learn anything from pacing techniques for jogging to strengthening exercises and core training.  Use your own home and community to work on your physical health. In-Home fitness training costs an average of $80-100/session in the Phoenix-Metro area. 

MMR residents will receive training WELL below average (apx $65/session).
Hiring a Personal Trainer - What to Look For

Client Testimonials: 


What was your mind frame about physical fitness one year ago?
I thought of it as a boring chore that needed to be done to look good, to look appealing to another human being. I never thought that I would arrive at a place where physical fitness would be about me.

What is your testimony about your journey in physical fitness?
Physical fitness is simply that, a journey with its mountain top and valley experiences. Once I realized that physical fitness was about becoming a better Tennille on the inside first, then Tennille on the outside began to catch up…and now I can look in the mirror and be satisfied…I now know that I can not stop what God had promised to do in this area of my life.

We have come a long way! Tennille went from having an attitude of “never jogging” to jogging 4 miles in the triple digit heat on the streets of downtown Phoenix. Although there is still room to grow, she understands what it feels like to push herself with each month of training. She looks better and better on the inside and outside – going on the outside from a size 16 to 10 in apparel and going on the inside from a sedentary adult to a fit minded woman! Keep it up! _Nicole


If You Fall, Get Back Up – Again!
I worked with Nicole and seen a lot of progress with my fitness and my physique. After working with her, I went through a period that I lost focus on all the work we completed together. I remember her telling me during our sessions, “If you fall, get back up.” Her telling me this motivated me to get back into working out, even after I felt bad about getting “fat” again.

More than anything I do with a client, I am most touched by what they remember me telling them – I guess this is simply the “Coach” that is in me. Mike experiences what we all experience during times in life: success and setbacks. Maybe you have heard this saying: “a setback is a set up for a comeback!” Work hard to not be discouraged for very long by your setbacks. Even if you have tried time and time again – you are probably closer to permanent success than you think! _Nicole

Contact : 
Email mailto:nicoleazfit@gmail.com
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