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McDowell Mountain Ranch Demographics and Statistics

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Welcome to McDowell Mountain Ranch demographic and statistics page.  McDowell Mountain Ranch and North Scottsdale is a great place to live, work and play.  The following dempgraphics and links are great sources to find out about the area.

Scottsdale Demographics
As of Jan, 2019

Population (2019): 249,950
Median Age (2019): 46.3 years
Median Household Income (2019): $76,543
Housing Units (2019): 124,001
Households (2019): 100,644

Surce: U.S. Census 2010, American Community Survey 2006-2010, Sites USA

Unemployment Rate (2010): 5.9%
Property Tax Rate (2010/2011): $7.15 per $100 of assessed value
Sales Tax Rate: 1.65%
Sales Tax Collections (2010/2011): $129.6 million
Median Resale Home Price* (2011): $345,000
Median Price of New Home* (2011): $550,445

Sources: City of Scottsdale, Tax & License Department; *Arizona Real Estate Center, ASU Polytechnic

Hotel Occupancy (2010): 60.3%
Average Hotel Room Rate (2010): $136.99
Transient Occupancy Tax (Bed Tax): 5.0%
Bed Tax Revenues (2010): $ 9,052,282
Number of Hotel Rooms (2010): 11,216
Total Visitors to Scottsdale (2010): 7.6 million
Day Visitors to Scottsdale (2010): 6.4 million

Sources: Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Tourism Study Part I: Lodging Statistics and Part II: Visitor

Largest Employers in Scottsdale

Rank Company Name Employees
1 Scottsdale Healthcare 4,278
2 General Dynamics C4 Systems 3,166
3 City of Scottsdale 2,744
4 CVS - CareMark 2,124
5 Mayo Clinic 1,861
6 Vanguard 1,860
7 Scottsdale Unified School District 48 1,828
8 Scottsdale Insurance Company 1,420
9 General Dynamics C4 Systems Inc 1,230
10 L&G Mortgagebanc Inc 1,000
Source: City of Scottsdale, Economic Vitality Department, 2010, MAG Employer Database

Other Quick Statistics

Size: 184.2 square miles, stretching 31 miles from North to South

Elevation: 1,260 feet above sea level, on average

Lat/Long: 111.93 degrees W, 33.50 degrees N

Climate: Average minimum and maximum temperatures range from 53.4°F to 86.2°F, respectively. Scottsdale averages 328 days of sunshine and 9.41 inches of rainfall per year.

Education Level: Graduate Degree—16.8%; Bachelor Degree or higher—46.7%;Some college—75.2%; High School graduate—93.8%

Land Use: 53.5% Residential, 40.0% Undeveloped/Open Space/Agricultural, 6.5% Industrial/Commercial
City Slogan: “The West’s Most Western Town”
Official Food: Chili, by 1994 Mayoral proclamation
Financial Rating: Scottsdale has maintained AAA ratings from Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Ratings, and Moody’s Investor Services — one of only a handful of municipalities to achieve top marks from all three ratings agencies — since April 2002.

Maricopa County

Population (2010): 3,817,117
Arizona Population (2010): 6,392,017

Crime statistics: 
Crime statistics, while an imperfect measurement at best, nevertheless provide some indication of the level of criminal activity in an area. To check the crime statistics for the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Peoria, go to http://www.faxnet1.org/ A visit or phone call to other law enforcement agencies may be required. For a list of all Arizona city links, go to http://www.azleague.org/ To find crime statistics on their websites, you may need to search for “crime statistics.”

Sex Offender Info Center:
Since June 1996, Arizona has had a registry and community notification program for convicted sex offenders. This information may be accessed at http://www.azsexoffender.org/. Prior to June 1996, registration was not required, and only the higher-risk sex offenders are on the website. The presence of a sex offender in the vicinity of the property is not a fact that the seller or real estate agent is required to disclose.

County Assessors/Tax Records
The county assessor’s records contain a variety of valuable information, including the assessed value of the property for tax purposes and some of the physical aspects of the property, such as the reported square footage. The date built information in the Assessor’s Records can be either the actual or effective/weighted age if the residence has been remodeled. All information on the site should be verified for accuracy. Information is available on county websites:

Maricopa: www.maricopa.gov/assessor and http://treasurer.maricopa.gov/parcels/

Freeway Construction and Traffic Conditions Although the existence of a freeway near the property may provide highly desirable access, sometimes it contributes to undesirable noise. To search for roadway construction and planning, go to the Arizona Department of Transportation (“ADOT”) website at www.azdot.gov/Highways/.  Check ADOT maps to find the nearest future freeway routes and roads in the area slated for widening. For traffic conditions, visit www.az511.com/ For information about Arizona Government Links to state agencies, city and county websites: http://www.az.gov/

Maps and information based on address (Geographic Information System): www.az.gov/webapp/govinfo/main.do

If there is any other information you may be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us