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McDowell Mountain Ranch Short Sales, Foreclosures

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McDowell Mountain Ranch

Short Sales, REO, Foreclosed & Distressed Properties

Unfortunately, we are in difficult times.   Distressed property sales are growing across the valley.  68% of closed deals in the Phoenix Valley are distressed sales.  Only 25% in McDowell Mountain Ranch, but the numbers are growing. 

If you are a seller - Don't despair.  There is hope.  Teresa is a Certified Distressed Property Expert.  Her expertise can help you through a difficult time.  Call her at 480-235-7522 to learn about your options.

Buyers - Help out a neighbor and consider the purchase of a short sale or foreclosure.  Teresa has the knowledge, training and track record to get your offers put on "top of the stack" that lenders are considering.

Work with Teresa, one of a few Certified Distressed Property Experts in the area.  She will offer confidential advice to make a difficult situation, better.